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Rhubarb bostock with frangipane & rhubarb jam

Perfectly golden brown orange blossom rhubarb bostocks are made from frangipane and baked in the oven until golden brown

Want to go straight to the recipe? Click here to go to the rhubarb bostock with frangipane recipe. But if you don’t know what is bostock or what is frangipane, keep reading!

What is bostock?
I know that is the question you are asking because my mom asked me that very thing while I was puttin

Asparagus phyllo tart with ricotta, feta, herbs, and lemon zest

Asparagus phyllo tart with ricotta, feta, herbs, and lemon zest, cut into slabs

This post is sponsored by Produce Made Simple. To get the recipe for this asparagus tart, visit the asparagus phyllo tart recipe on the Produce Made Simple website.

We are finally starting to see some local Quebec asparagus pop up at the market, which means that spring is here (even if

Chewy peanut butter cookies with white chocolate chunks from All The Sweet Things

Chewy peanut butter and white chocolate chunk cookies

Want to go directly to the cookie recipe? click here to skip to the recipe for these giant chewy peanut butter cookies!

All The Sweet Things by Renée Kohlman and published by Touchwood Editions is full of Renée’s heartwarming stories, over 100 recipes, and did you know that she photograp

Sweet sesame layer cake with raspberries

Sweet sesame layer cake with raspberries - this is a layer cake recipe flavoured with sesame butter (tahini), raspberries, and a little honey. Makes a beautiful birthday cake for adults.

Want to go directly to the sesame layer cake with raspberries recipe? click here!
Scroll down to see the video (or click here if you are feeling lazy!)

I turned 35 last month and, you know what? Nothing changed. Thirty five is a big number, and I must say that in the years leading up to the

Matcha gingerbread cutout cookies

matcha gingerbread cookies - a new twist on the classic gingerbread cookie cutout with matcha tea and ground ginger

I love tea and matcha, and tea- and matcha-flavoured things. Don’t you? This year, instead of making traditional gingerbread cookies, I opted to try something different by adding a little matcha powder to the mix and playing with the spices. These gingerbread cookie cutouts are still a good coo