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Etsy gift guide - kitchen heals soul

This is it: crunch time. Have you finished all your Christmas shopping? I most certainly have not. I have dreams of efficiency when it comes to holiday shopping. Lists of gifts would be made months in advance. Items, purchased calmly and coolly in stores and online, would get checked off the list months before the big day. Gifts would be wrapped and sent off without breaking a sweat. Of course, this has never ever happened. So, 8 days before Christmas, I give you an Etsy gift guide (a.k.a. things I’d love for you to buy for me).

Just remember one thing: I’m linking to local artists and small businesses who may not be able to get you your order on time this close to Christmas, so be kind and don’t be cross if it’s impossible for them to fulfill your order on time.

Freshy Figgy - baker's cupcake pendant
Image source: Freshy Figgy—bakers cupcake pendant (Etsy)

The baker’s cupcake pendant from Freshy Figgy on Etsy is beautiful. I have been eyeing it for months. I especially love this pendant because I think baking is all about measuring and I am pretty much obsessed with measuring tools. I was sold on this necklace when I caught sight of the teeny tiny measuring spoons.

ArtetManufacture - pottery
Pottery from Art & Manufacture (Etsy)

I discovered the pottery from Art & Manufacture (available on Etsy) this weekend at Puces Pop and Design Haut + Fort. I love the shapes of their work, and I love the stamped effect. And the blue they use looks great with that golden hue that baked goods take on with baking. Perfect props for blogging if you ask me, and they are made in Montreal.

Recap notebook - cooking notebook
Cooking notebooks from Recap Notebook (Etsy)

Another discovery this weekend: Recap cooking notebooks (available on Etsy). I take a lot of notes when I develop recipes, and I think it’s very important to have a notebook. Of course, my notebooks are a mess, but I think this more structured approach to recipes would be very helpful and neaten up the process. Or it would still become messy, which I am okay with too. Point being that if you fiddle around in the kitchen, even if it’s just cooking for your family on a daily basis, I still think you should have a good notebook to record all your cooking/baking experiments. A notebook is a great reference tool, and on those days when you want to recreate those amazing cookies you made 2 months ago, you will have the recipe on hand with your messy, copious notes.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Liz December 17, 2013 at 3:22 pm #

    Great ideas and I really like Etsy! Used them before. Unfortunately, your gift is already waiting at your mother’s!!

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