Pretty mason jar labels


Pretty mason jar labels

Whether you are making pickles, jams, jellies, or even homemade cake mixes, they all make great gifts when they are packed away in simple mason jars with pretty labels. Having tried one-too-many-times to design my own, realizing along the way that I am NOT a designer (hah! I wish!), I thought it would be nice to scour the internets for you in search of some neat ways of tagging/labelling your jars for your ordering and labelling pleasure.

1. These floral labels come as kits of sticker labels and I love that they are a little more elaborate, but not overly frilly (BETSY printables on Etsy)
2. Customizable wooden tags are a much more rustic option. They look great attached to jars with some twine (like these from ChangelingSupply on <Etsy)
3. Another option are these printed tags that are a nice, simple way of letting the recipients know that your jars of goodies are homemade and made with love  (the tags featured in the image are no longer available, but try these on Etsy instead)
4. These round sticker labels might be my favourite of the lot. If you are like me, then  you probably don’t yet know what you will be canning this summer. Buy a bunch and fill in the blanks as you go! By far the most versatile of them all, but still super cute! (like these from OrangeUmbrellaCo on Etsy)


Please note that all products within were linked via an affiliate link, but I personally chose the products to include in this roundup.

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