Hello, August!

August 2014

I’ve had my desktop set to the August calendar for almost a week. I guess I was done with July long before it was officially over. I spent a solid week of July either crying myself to sleep at night or not sleeping because I missed my cat. Yes, I realize it’s been 4 months, but I don’t like going to sleep without her at my feet because for 8 years, she always slept at my feet (or even better, on my hip when she was a tiny kitten). Sometimes I used to have to sleep diagonally because of where she slept, and then suddenly this month, I realized that I was free to sleep in whichever direction I felt like sleeping in. It was a freedom I didn’t ask for. July was hard.

I did the only thing I could do to distract myself in July: I baked, I ate, and I blogged. I made copious amounts of jam (like that plum jam above), and I ate a ridiculous amount of that jam on buttered toast (probably shouldn’t have eaten so much jam and toast—oh well!). Then two weeks ago, I decided the jam just wasn’t enough, so I drove all the way to Saint-Hubert for a rescued dog adoption day. And that’s where I met Jynx.

Jynx on a walk

Jynx is a 20 pound, 3 year old dog (cocker spaniel+chihuahua mix) and she is the cutest. She is shy, gentle, and very quiet, but also super sweet when she opens up. Because she’s a rescued dog, she needs patience and lots of love. I’ve been visiting her twice a week with the hope that she’ll get used to me, and it seems to be working: Jynx’s rescuer says we are ready for the next step: a doggy sleepover! Next week, from Sunday to Wednesday, Jynx is going to stay with me. I’m feeling an odd mix of excitement and fear. We don’t know how she’s going to react, but I really hope she will like spending more time with me. If she does, we can slowly go from short sleepovers to forever.

August has got a lot more excitement in store, as though the possibility that I am adopting a dog isn’t enough. I’m also going to travel to Edmonton to visit friends, and along the way, I’m going to spend a few days in Seattle for an A.C.E. Camp workshop with Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle & Vanille! I literally just bought my plane tickets last week, so it’s all coming together at the very last minute, but I am looking forward to the week away. I will get to learn more about food photography with an emphasis on lifestyle photography too, which is what I need the most help with. My camera usually never leaves my little photography corner of my apartment.

So, July was hard, but  I survived, and August is finally here. To celebrate, I’ve got a desktop calendar for you to download. I figured since I am so addicted to that plum jam, I might as well transform it into a desktop calendar. Don’t forget that there’s still a Bernardin canning kit giveaway going on until the end of this week. So if you haven’t entered, you should!


August 2014

Download no longer available. For the latest desktop calendar, click here.

Recipe: Plum Jam

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