Bundle up | it’s October

October 2014

I’m super busy, and fall is finally here, which can only mean one thing: there will be crumbles and pies galore coming out of my kitchen. I sadly made exactly one pie this summer. Yes, you read right: ONE pie. Imagine if I hadn’t thrown together that one peach pie I mentioned at the beginning of September? That would mean I would not have had a single bite of pie this summer, which is simply unacceptable. So, I plan on making up for lost time and putting my poor, neglected pie-making skills to good use, even if some weeks I feel like I have no time. There will be pumpkin pie! I promise.


I picked this Concord grape and peanut butter crumble for October’s desktop calendar because it was one of my favourite recipes that I developed this last month. I also think that crisps and crumbles are at the top of the comfort food list during the colder months. They are best eaten warm, straight from the pan, while watching Netflix wrapped in blankets on the sofa. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Well, at least that’s how I survive fall and winter. If the thought of having a giant pan of apple crisp all to yourself is too much for you, I also have a recipe that serves one. Bundle up, people: it’s October!


October 2014Download no longer available. For the latest desktop calendar, click here.



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One Response to Bundle up | it’s October

  1. ahu October 1, 2014 at 6:47 pm #

    My favorite month of the year! Bring on the crumbles, cakes and pie 🙂

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