In January, I filled my home with love


Two weeks ago, I went to the vet with Jynx, and I came home thinking about kittens. My friends and I refer to this incident as the “kitten ambush” because really, that’s exactly what it was. My vet ambushed me with a room full of four tiny kittens that needed a home, and she knew that, as much as I adore Jynx, I still miss Zen. It started with a seemingly innocent question from my vet, “do you still miss having a cat around now that you have a dog?”, and of course, my answer was yes which, much to my surprise, led to the statement “I have four kittens in the back. Do you want to see them?” That, my friends, is a kitten ambush. My vet led me into a room full of kittens and plopped one into my hesitant arms, where he settled in and began to purr. The last kitten I had held was Zen, some 8 years ago. It was emotional. I spent a good 20 minutes in the room filled with kittens, Jynx by my side, and then I went home saying that I would think about it.

Boy, did I ever think about it. I debated, and I weighed the pros and the cons. After Zen, I got rid of all things cat-related because I was heartbroken and I couldn’t face any of it. I even got rid of her water dish, her food bowl, and all her toys. “I’d have to start over and buy EVERYTHING!” was something that worried me. I wondered if it was really a good time to adopt another pet, and a tiny little kitten at that. What if this kitten came with a slew of health issues like Zen did? I couldn’t go through that again. I’d have to kitten-proof my apartment. Jynx is okay with cats, but would she be upset if I brought home a kitten? I didn’t want to upset Jynx because she’s come so far since I adopted her in September. So many reasons to just forget about the whole thing, kittens and all.

sleeping kitten

And then after a long week of mulling it over and cleaning like mad, I came home with a kitten. I honestly locked the kitten in the bathroom for over a day, partly to get him slowly acquainted with his surroundings, and mostly because I was scared. I think I was afraid of the change that was about to happen. I was feeling very bittersweet to be introducing a kitten into a space which was once Zen’s safe haven, the only place where she felt completely at home and free. I was concerned that I might be ruining the special relationship I had with Jynx. So it took me a day to muster up the courage to release the kitten into the apartment, but eventually I did.


It’s been a week, and the kitten is still nameless, but he loves to sleep in my lap and in my arms, where after a little while, he stops purring and falls into a deep, sound sleep. Jynx is getting used to him too. At night, Jynx sleeps next to me, at the top of the bed with her head on the next pillow, and the kitten squeezes in, right between our two pillows. He has his moments where he’s fighting the window curtains, completely crazy, but for the most part, he’s pretty tame.

If you asked me one year ago where I saw myself in a year’s time, I probably would have answered that I’d be in the same place, but never would I have been able to predict that the “same place” would be so different. I took the heartache and I put it in a box, and I filled my home with love. There have been certain emotional moments from the last year that will hit me randomly and literally squeeze my heart but, at a certain point, I have to move on. And now, I’ve got two little furry friends to help me do that.

Jynx & kitten

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3 Responses to In January, I filled my home with love

  1. Marlene February 1, 2015 at 5:53 pm #

    Such a sweet post. It’s heartening to read how the ‘same place’ can be so different, in such a wonderful way. Enjoy every minute with those two furry companions; I’m sure they’ll provide endless entertainment!

    • Janice February 13, 2015 at 11:27 pm #

      Thanks, Marlene! Endless entertainment is right! His latest obsession is hanging out in the kitchen with me, trying to climb up my leg to get to the countertop 😉


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