2015 November desktop calendar


I think the best part of saying good-bye to October might be the Hallowe’en candy that goes on sale. As though I need to eat more candy and crappy chocolate. Of course I don’t. But I want it! My month of October was fuelled by carbs to help get through the late nights (or maybe just because).

Speaking of candy, I discovered Squish candies and I am in LOVE. My favourite so far are the “bubbly bears”. They are so pretty and they taste amazing. They have the perfect texture, softer than my beloved Haribo gummy bears (Amazon). I don’t think the “bubbly bears” actually taste like bubbly, but I love them nonetheless. The flavour is intense and fruity. Plus the packaging is pretty. I’ve been to the store at least 3 times during the last month. I kid you not.

Squish candies


In October, I zoomed through Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Amazon) and though I’m not sure that it’s changed my life, the book did make me realize what bothers me about the space I live in and it did help me get rid a whole bunch of stuff I was holding onto for no good reason. I have trouble parting with my clutter. I hate to be wasteful, and I feel bad giving away items that were gifted to me, even if they are things that I don’t actually want or need or even use. The book taught me to just let things go. To give away all the items we hold onto because we feel like we should or because they were gifts. To say thank you and then walk away. I still have a long way to go and I’m practicing the art of “putting things away when I’m done with them” and “dealing with things right away instead of brushing it off until later”. It’s so easy in theory and yet so very difficult in practice. Old habits die hard, but I’m trying.

Here’s your November 2015 desktop calendar! Download it and set it as your desktop image.

Image source & recipe: Baked Amaretto Doughnuts



Download no longer available. For the latest desktop calendar, click here.

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