April 2016 desktop calendar


End of March and beginning of April are part of sugaring off season in Quebec, so I decided to dedicate the April 2016 desktop calendar to my favourite spring activity because, as you’ve probably noticed, I LOVE MAPLE SYRUP! I literally cannot live without it. If you need proof, check out all of the posts I’ve tagged “maple“! There are two kinds of maple pies (apple and custard), two breads (brown bread and brioche), a clafoutis, and even mousse!

Janice eating maple taffy

Photo take by Lynn L (What She’s Having)

In March, I spent more time than usual stuffing my face with maple syrupy foods, pouring maple syrup on everything, and celebrating the syrup that is one of the main reasons I can’t imagine living anywhere but here (except when it’s minus a million degrees outside because on those days, I wish I lived far, far away from here, preferably somewhere near a beach in Mexico, to be honest). I visited both the maple-themed street fair of Verdun (Cabane Panache et Bois Rond) and the traditional sugar shack Sucrerie de la Montagne. And though I probably have had enough sugar shacking for one year, if you invited me to go to the sugar shack with you tomorrow, I’d probably say yes. Because maple syrup!

Sugaring off

By the way, look who got a mention in a post on Food52! I’ll give you a hint: it’s me!

Here’s the desktop calendar for April 2016. Feel free to click on the image size you want and then save that image to your computer so that you can set it as your desktop image. Now go forth and bake with maple syrup! Happy April!

Image source & recipe: Boston Brown Bread | The Quebec version 


Download no longer available. For the latest desktop calendar, click here.

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3 Responses to April 2016 desktop calendar

  1. Maria April 1, 2016 at 3:19 pm #

    Hi fellow maple lover! Aren’t we lucky we are surrounded by so many maple trees? Your post brought a smile to my face…thanks. And thanks for the calendar…what a cool idea!

  2. Joyce April 1, 2016 at 5:06 pm #

    Cute calendar! And congrats on making it on Food52!!

  3. Sean April 2, 2016 at 12:05 am #

    Way to go on the Food52 nod! Your work is awesome and you totally deserve it. This is a beauty of a calendar. I love that you made those little Boston Brown Breads in maple sugar cans – I have one of the same cans kicking around in the cupboard just to hold knickknacks (and memories). Awesome stuff.

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