March 2017 desktop calendar


There are a lot of changes coming. Yay? They aren’t happening right this minute, but soon. I’m selling my apartment that I’ve lived in for the last 10 years and I’m moving, probably in September if all goes according to plan.  New space, new building, and even new neighbourhood! I know I need to move on, and to not hold onto the past. They tell me that change is good. That it’s not the house that makes the home. They are probably right. But change is scary, dammit!

I made a list of pros and cons before signing on the dotted line, and I tried to be objective about every point on the list. I also wrestled with the fact that nothing is perfect and that I might never find a space that is exactly right. In fact, my current apartment is far from perfect, but there’s something so comforting about knowing every nook and cranny, all the goods and the bads. I know every flaw and I’ve lived with those flaws happily for 10 years. I know when the sun’s going to set and reflect onto my photography corner and ruin my work for the day, literally. I fear the day my AC will die because I don’t know how I’ll work without it given the new environmental regulations and how my oven can literally raise the temperature in my apartment by a good 5 degrees, if not more in the summer. I know that when I cook in my kitchen, regardless of how high I’ve turned on the kitchen hood, my laundry will smell like dinner, even though it’s freshly washed because I live in an open loft so where the laundry is drying is also where I’m making curry… And the list goes on and on, and it’s such a strong list that I made a decision one day. I have to make a move. I have to move on. So now I’m gearing up to make a big change, and that change will come with new challenges, different from the ones I’ve faced before. But, you know what? I found a space with a good-size kitchen/workspace for all my cake-baking and cookie-making. I always said that I could never move because I’d never find a kitchen/workspace as big as what I have now, and then the universe handed me exactly that which I thought was impossible. The windows will face north, which is what I need for my photography. And it even has a small pantry space too! How could I say no to that? I couldn’t.

So, I’m moving to a different neighbourhood with a new set of streets to discover, a different metro station for my commutes, new and unfamiliar people to meet on my daily walks… so many little changes that seem a lot more significant now that the papers are signed. Funny how that happens… I signed a paper and suddenly, reality hit me in the face. I’m leaving behind the space I’ve called home for 10 years and moving somewhere new. That somewhere isn’t home yet. It’ll take some work and some getting used to. What do you do to transform your new space into home?

Below is a March 2017 desktop calendar, free for you to download. Simply click the size of the image you need below and the image will open in a new tab. Then download that image by right clicking on it to save it to your computer. Find the file in your folder of Downloads and right click on the image title to set the image as your wallpaper/desktop image.

Image source & recipe: Maple butter


Download no longer available. For the latest desktop calendar, click here.

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