August 2017 desktop calendar

August 2017 desktop calendar

I’m getting better at taking vacations, although I’m still not great at it. I’m really good at vacation once I’m ON vacation. That’s for sure. Still, getting to the part where my work feels “finished” (or as close to that as I can get), when the email auto-responder is turned on, my computer is shut down, and my bags are packed… that’s always tough. Sometimes I wonder if going on vacation is worth all the chaos and madness that comes just before.

August reading list | Books you should read this month

I took a 10 day vacation, and one of my goals was to catch up on my “for fun reading” (and eat all the ice cream and donuts I possibly could). I read books that were not business related and not food related. It was glorious!

  • Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur (find it on Amazon)—a collection of poetry and prose divided into four chapters: the hurting, the loving, the breaking, the healing. It’s about love and loss, and it’s extremely raw and honest and real. It’s a very quick read, and I’ll probably read it again because I want to spend more time with it.
  • One Day We’ll All Be Dead And None Of This Will Matter by Scacchi Koul (get it on Amazon)—I usually avoid anything that is described as “a collection of essays,” but the essays in this book were so linked that they really seemed like Scaachi Koul was telling one long story in snippets. It’s the story of how her parents immigrated to Calgary from India and the struggles they faced and what it’s like going back to visit the country that was once home for her parents. These essays give you a really good picture of what it’s like having immigrant parents (she shares emails from her father that made me smile). Scaachi Koul describes what it’s like growing up in Alberta with traits that are quite different from the average Albertan and she tells her experience as a woman of colour with an opinion on social media (the threats she receives on Twitter are shocking).
  • A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman (Amazon)—this one is about a grumpy old man who just wants to die, but then life (and a street cat!) gets in the way. I know it sounds depressing and it did make me cry like a baby more than once, but it was a sweet, touching story. Apparently it’s a movie now, but I’d suggest you read the book first.

Now that I’m home, I’m back to reading about food. I picked up David Lebovitz’s A Sweet Life in Paris (also from Amazon) because I’m a long-time fan of David Lebovitz and I have been meaning to read his book for ages. Read any great books lately?

August 2017 desktop calendar

Below is an August 2017 desktop calendar, free for you to download. Simply click the size of the image you need below and the image will open in a new tab. Then download that image by right clicking on it to save it to your computer. Find the file in your folder of Downloads and right click on the image title to set the image as your wallpaper/desktop image.

August 2017 desktop calendar

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Image source & recipe: Sungold kiwi coconut financiers

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