November 2017 desktop calendar

November 2017 desktop calendar free download

My October was… intense. That is really the only word I can think of to describe the last month. It’s very possible that I barely made it through, and it certainly wasn’t always pretty. I had so many things going on between work and life. I sold my condo, I moved, and I worked a lot. My website wasn’t working properly, and there was also the “tiny” issue that I threw my back out three times over the course of a month. That’s got to be a record, right? So, I couldn’t photograph anything, let alone update the blog, which made me extra sad. I’ve been going to physio every 5 days instead of the gym. I spent a lot of time lying on the floor, when I wasn’t working. Literally on the floor. I was the opposite of social in October. I went to the Food Bloggers of Canada conference, but I didn’t have the energy to talk to the people I didn’t know. Not ideal.

And then during the last days of October, this blog (my blog!) won a Taste Canada Award. It came at such a weird time as October made me feel like I was drowning, like I was the worst blogger because I was a blogger who wasn’t blogging. Isn’t it funny how, sometimes, the universe sends you a message? I’m happy to report that October is over and I survived. My next recipe post is ready to go and I have plans for the one after. I am now able to sit on the sofa again instead of lying on the floor and I have no intention on throwing my back out again because I will continue to be careful (and to do my physio exercises). So, good riddance October. Happy November!


Below is a November 2017 desktop calendar, free for you to download. Simply click the size of the image you need below and the image will open in a new tab. Then download that image by right clicking on it to save it to your computer. Find the file in your folder of Downloads and right click on the image title to set the image as your wallpaper/desktop image.

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Original recipe: Apple pie yogurt parfait

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