Food podcasts you should listen to

  Food podcasts to listen to for inspiration or education or just becauseMy podcast obsession has steadily grown in the last year, to the point where now, if you look at my iPhone storage info, about 65% of my iPhone is podcasts. That’s a lot of listening! Even though I’m subscribed to a lot of podcasts, here is a short list of the top food podcasts I’ve been listening to these days. I find that I get the most benefits out of these so I hope you enjoy them!

Food podcasts for the food nerds

Cooking Issues

Heritage Radio has many great food podcasts, but Cooking Issues, hosted by Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez might be my favourite. I have laughed out loud by myself on the street while listening to this podcast many, many times (the episode where Dave and Nastassia are arguing over whether all the listeners are married men who hide kitchen tools from their wives and secretly order kitchen gadgets; the time Dave discusses his obsession with the bagpipes and his wife’s reaction when he was learning to play at home—so damn funny!). This show makes me laugh a lot, but I don’t just listen to get a giggle out of it. Dave Arnold is very passionate and smart. I always learn a little something each episode, not that I’m about to rig a SodaStream from Amazon to pump more gas into water to make it super carbonated like he does, but I digress…

Modernist Breadcrumbs

I find the topics explored in this podcast are quite underdeveloped but still, interesting enough that I devoured the first episodes. Modernist Breadcrumbs is especially geared for those of us who may never get their hands on the Modernist Bread books which cost around $600 for the entire set. The podcast will do while I wait to become a millionaire so that I can acquire the set of books from Amazon. Bread topics covered span milling grains, shaping bread… The content includes the history of bread-making but also modern breakthroughs. The show is quite fascinating with interviews from revered cookbook authors, like Maria Speck, world renowned bakery owners, like Apollonia Poilâne, and of course, Nathan Myhrvold himself. If you love bread (and can’t afford the 5 volume book set), then you’ll enjoy the podcast for sure.

Food podcasts to inspire your inner foodie

Radio Cherry Bomb

I spent my vacation listening to old episodes of Radio Cherry Bomb and I loved every single one. It comforted me, inspired me, kept me interested, and gave me all the good feelings you would hope to gain from listening to a good podcast. I especially enjoyed the recent episodes with Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen and Lily Diamond of Kale & Caramel. I was inspired by the episode with Samin Nosrat on the process of writing her book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat (I ordered my copy of the book from Amazon after listening to this episode). I played an older episode with Martha Stewart twice because I found it so fascinating. She’s a funny lady, full of wisdom and business insight.

The Eater Upsell

I have downloaded a lot of old and new episodes of this podcasts, and I listen to it off and on. I was inspired by the interview with Francis Lam who is a cookbook editor and used to write for Gourmet. As I constantly ponder writing a cookbook, I found that episode very useful. Eater Upsell features interviews with so many awesome food personalities, like Alton Brown, Ottolenghi, Melissa Clark, Nathan Myhrvold, and the list goes on. The questions the interviewers ask are really insightful and always elicit some fantastic responses. Definitely a great listen!

Food podcasts about the business of food blogging

Food Blogger Pro Podcast

The Food Blogger Pro Podcast is hosted by Bjork Ostrom (the husband of blogger Lindsay Ostrom of the huge site Pinch of Yum). I found the most recent episode about branding really helpful (because I seem to struggle with developing the brand behind my blog, even after 7 years). This is a great podcast to listen to if you want to start a food blog or you’ve been blogging for years.


Warning! The intros can be way too long (at the worst, an intro to an episode clocked in at a whopping 15 minutes!) but if you skip forward, you will learn a lot. There’s an episode about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Casey Markee that I’ve listened to about 3 times because it’s so packed with useful information and helpful tips. I’ll probably listen to it another dozen times to be honest because SEO seems so difficult for me.

What podcasts are you listening to these days?

Now that I have given you a peak into the podcasts I’ve been listening to these days, got any others to recommend to me? Let me know! I’m always looking for new sources of inspiration!

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Food podcasts that will inspire, motivate, and even educate!

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