Work with me

I enjoy working with a variety of companies. Outlined are just a few ways in which we can partner. If you have an idea, feel free to email me!
  • recipe testing & recipe development
  • food styling & photography
  • giveaways & product reviews
  • advertisement

Janice Lawandi photographing

Recipe development, food styling & photography

I love creating recipes and would be happy to develop fabulous recipes using your company’s products. In addition to developing recipes, I can style and photograph the recipes for use on your company’s site, or they can remain on my site with a link back, depending on the agreement.

Giveaways & product reviews

If you have a product that is a good fit with my blog or my readers, please contact me. I can host a review and/or giveaway on this site. I love trying out new products and samples, but please note that product samples will not be returned to the company. Also, while I will happily accept products and/or books to review, I do not promise to mention said items on Kitchen Heals Soul. I will always express my honest opinions, including both positive and negative comments, as appropriate. Providing an item for review will, in no way, influence my opinion or review, as I respect my readers.

I only work with brands/products that I believe in. I really mean that.

I will always disclose to my readers the nature of my partnerships with brands. I include a small disclaimer in any post which includes a product provided by a company or partner.

I only provide product reviews/giveaways when I have had a chance to use the product. This is the only way that I can give my honest opinion and recommend a product to my readers.


Various sizes and pricing are available. Please email me with your proposal.