Apple butter pie - Stencil pie with powdered sugar to give it a lacy pattern

Apple butter pie

I have what you could call “pie anxiety” or perhaps it’s more appropriate to call it “pie-making anxiety.” See, I never feel like my pies are good enough, and I always tend to wonder if my pie crust recipe could use a little extra tweaking. I worry about such things as pie dough cracking, ease […]

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November 2017 desktop calendar free download

November 2017 desktop calendar

My October was… intense. That is really the only word I can think of to describe the last month. It’s very possible that I barely made it through, and it certainly wasn’t always pretty. I had so many things going on between work and life. I sold my condo, I moved, and I worked a […]

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October 2017 desktop calendar

October 2017 desktop calendar

I’m moving in three-ish days so I’ve gotta make this brief. Sorry! I still haven’t packed anything. I’m still trying to sell furniture. I’m trying not to panic. Yikes! Things are clearly going well, hah! I literally can’t see what life is like after the move. Is that weird? Like I can’t picture being settled. […]

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Savoury pork and apple pies with Maple Leaf shredded pork, thyme and apple chunks

Savoury pork & apple hand pies

This post is sponsored by Maple Leaf Natural Selections. I want to be the woman who makes everything from scratch for every recipe and every meal. Unfortunately, most people, myself included, don’t have the time. Lately, I find myself overloaded with work, overwhelmed with a big move to a new neighbourhood, and life in general. […]

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Pear chocolate scones brushed with butter and sprinkled with turbinado

Pear and chocolate scones

This post was sponsored by Cacao Barry. I have a love-hate relationship with scones. Most of the time, when I buy scones from the average cafe, they are… mediocre. Am I allowed to say that? Whatever. I just did! I can’t be the only one who feels this way. I pretty much avoid scones when […]

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September 2017 desktop calendar free for you to download

September 2017 desktop calendar

Here’s a free desktop calendar for you to download. Click here to get yours! Oh, September! I signed electronically on the dotted line a week ago and suddenly, I realized: it’s over. I’m moving! This space that I called home for ten long years is not going to be mine a few months from now. […]

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Double chocolate zucchini muffins with Cacao Barry chocolate

Double chocolate muffins with zucchini

This post was sponsored by Cacao Barry. Back to school: three words that make children and adults cringe. Growing up, I was undoubtedly sad to see summer vacation come to an end with all the freedom, relaxing, and leisure reading that summer brings. But I was usually quite excited about the prospect of a new […]

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Ice cream at Frankie & Jo's

Where to get the best ice cream? West Coast edition

On what I like to call my “West Coast Tour”, I wasn’t expecting to eat much ice cream, since so many donut shops popped up as I researched my trip. Turns out, there is some great ice cream in Portland and Seattle. The ice cream is so good, I briefly contemplated ordering a few pints to […]

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