Cheese waffles made with egg whites

Cheese waffles

This cheese waffles recipe post is sponsored by Burnbrae Farms. Waffle recipes are usually sweet ( for example these springtime rhubarb waffles), but after all the overindulging that may or may not have happened over the last few months, it’s time for something savory! That’s what these savory cheese waffles are for, made with cheddar cheese […]

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Food podcasts to listen to for inspiration or education or just because

Food podcasts you should listen to

  My podcast obsession has steadily grown in the last year, to the point where now, if you look at my iPhone storage info, about 65% of my iPhone is podcasts. That’s a lot of listening! Even though I’m subscribed to a lot of podcasts, here is a short list of the top food podcasts I’ve […]

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January 2018 desktop calendar free download

January 2018 desktop calendar

We have officially embarked on a new year and I, for one, am quite pleased to say good-bye to 2017. I was so done with 2017 by the end of it. Everybody makes resolutions in January and normally I don’t: I don’t need more reasons to be disappointed or hard on myself! But this year, […]

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star shaped Chocolate spice cookies

Spiced chocolate cookies

How cute are these spiced chocolate cookies shaped like stars? You make the cookie dough for these in the food processor which makes it really simple. The hard part is the rolling and the cutting of the dough as it can crumble a little around the edges. Don’t worry. Press it back together if need […]

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Homemade milk chocolate bars

Homemade chocolate bars

This post is sponsored by Cacao Barry. Homemade chocolate bars are the best. They aren’t as difficult to make as you would think. You can customize what you put into them. They make great gifts. And to be honest, I find it very comforting to have a container of these stashed in the fridge for […]

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Maple walnut fudge

Traditional maple fudge with walnuts

I love old school maple fudge with walnuts. It’s mostly brown sugar and it’s very sweet, but I love that fine granular texture that good fudge has. It’s just the right amount of “grit”, not dry or crumbly, which makes it utterly addictive, but still soft. I have another recipe for maple fudge from years […]

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slice-and-bake gingerbread cookies similar to speculoos cookies

Gingerbread cookies (slice and bake)

While I love to roll out cookie dough and cut out festive shapes to celebrate, I realize that not everybody feels the same way about cookie cutouts. Time is a luxury that we don’t always have this time of year. Here’s a recipe for gingerbread “coins”, basically gingerbread cookies that are slice-and-bake. This way, you […]

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Spiced sugar cookies

Spiced sugar cookies

I love all the gingerbread cookies this time of year, but sometimes, I want something a little simpler, lighter on the deep molasses notes, but with more emphasis on the spice flavours we crave. These spiced sugar cookies don’t need any dressing up. The dough comes together and rolls easily, and they bake perfectly, without […]

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Lemon crackle cookies, also known as lemon crinkle cookies

Lemon crackle cookies

Who doesn’t love crackle cookies? Typically, we see chocolate crackle cookies (or maybe you call them chocolate crinkle cookies), but I was intrigued by this lemon crackle cookie recipe version, made with ricotta in the cookie dough. These lemony cookies have a gorgeous crackle finish to them, made more impressive by first rolling the scoops […]

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Chocolate and vanilla Pinwheel cookies that are slice and bake so you can make the dough for these cookies ahead of time

Chocolate and vanilla pinwheel cookies

Chocolate and vanilla pinwheels are always impressive on a cookie platter, but I think most people don’t bake them very often. They aren’t as hard to make as most people would expect. All the more reason to make them! Print Chocolate and vanilla pinwheel cookies Slice and bake chocolate and vanilla pinwheels. This recipe is […]

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