For the love of bread

I am an avid baker. Everyone knows it. And yet, I have avoided bread-making for years! There were random attempts at baking bread  (it didn’t rise properly; baked it too long; why does this taste like a mouthful of yeast?), including a couple of valiant stabs at Christmas stollen in seasons when holiday cheer made […]

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What I’ve been reduced to….

I apologize for another long post and, to top it off, not a recipe in sight. I haven’t turned on the oven or used the stove for anything worth posting in a week! A box of KD for dinner. This is what I’ve been reduced to. I do love KD, but I think I could […]

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baked pie

Sometimes Soul needs pie!

Some days are just plain rough from start to finish. I woke up exhausted. I shuffled through my daily routine. My routine starts with some form of exercise at 7AM (yuck! why do I do this to myself? oh right! It’s because I eat entire 9×9 Pyrex pans of brownies without thinking twice). Then, a […]

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