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These chocolate dipped almond cookies are similar to baci di dama
The Simple Bites Kitchen
Molasses crinkle cookies - plump giant molasses cookies with a crackled finish
chai-biscotti spiced with anise seed and ginger
matcha gingerbread cookies - a new twist on the classic gingerbread cookie cutout with matcha tea and ground ginger
Rugelach stuffed with a mixture of cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and walnuts
Crystallized ginger cookies are an easy slice and bake cookie
gingerbread granola - granola sweetened with molasses and gingerbread spice mix, with candied ginger and lots of nuts
Christmas stlollen bread
Florentine cookies: a delightful combination of sliced nuts, candied fruit, and honey
Egyptian shortbread - buttery shortbread flavoured with a little brandy
Mincemeat tarts