Three ice cream strawberry shortcakes on small dessert plates on white marble surface

Ice cream strawberry shortcake

This ice cream strawberry shortcake is an easy recipe that’s a twist on a classic summer dessert: replace the whipped cream with vanilla bean ice cream to make your strawberry shortcakes with homemade biscuits and fresh strawberries. Everybody will love this dessert! What is a shortcake? A shortcake is usually a butter biscuit which, like […]

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A raspberry shortcake with homemade biscuit, whipped cream, and berries on a pink plate with a fork with black matte handle

Raspberry shortcake

Celebrate summer berries with this easy recipe for raspberry shortcake made with homemade biscuits, vanilla bean whipped cream, and macerated raspberries.      Depending on where you live, a shortcake could be a layer cake made from two round layers of vanilla cake with whipped cream and strawberries sandwiched in between.  A shortcake is also […]

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Scooping homemade cardamom ice cream with a disher. Small bowl of cardamom pods nearby

Cardamom ice cream

You can make homemade cardamom ice cream with this easy green cardamom-infused custard-based ice cream recipe. The beauty of making ice cream at home is that you can infuse the milk in the recipe with almost any flavour: steep bags of tea to make spiced chai tea add lemon zest and lemon juice to the […]

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Cute pie with star design on top crust served with pile of plates and forks and a cup of coffee, striped linen

Peach mango pie

This peach mango pie recipe has both fresh mango and fresh peaches in the filling, which is set with a little cornstarch to make a super fun summer pie that everybody will love! The pairing of peaches with mangoes is actually quite common. Growing up, we used to love drinking “orange peach mango” juice at […]

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A scoop of lemon ice cream served on a speckled plate with a cone and a black spoon

Lemon custard ice cream

Lemon custard ice cream is an egg-yolk-based ice cream, flavoured with lemon zest and lemon juice! If you can make a custard sauce, you can make this lemon ice cream.  Ice cream falls into two categories: custard-based, made with egg yolks (or sometimes whole eggs)—the recipe below, as well as this cherry bourbon ice cream […]

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Sliced black currant cake on parchment paper with a wood-handled knife to serve

Black currant cake

This easy black currant cake recipe is a simple almond-flavoured cake topped with fresh black currants, a crunchy sweet crumble topping, and sliced almonds before baking. The berries become jammy and thick as the fruits cook down in the oven, making the perfect simple summer berry cake. Typically, people use black currants as a garnish […]

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A jar of homemade strawberry red currant jam with a spoonful on the side and the metal band

Strawberry and red currant jam

Make homemade red currant jam with vanilla bean and strawberries for a sour-sweet jam with no pectin added, yet is till quite thick and sets firm. This strawberry and red currant jam is a fun twist on the classic jam. After going berry picking, sometimes the best course of action is to make jam. Jam […]

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Rhubarb raspberry upside down cake on a parchment lined round black tray, cut into a few slices with a cake lifter under a slice

Rhubarb raspberry upside-down cake

This rhubarb raspberry upside-down cake has a few raspberries tucked into the rhubarb fruit layer to enhance the colour of pink rhubarb while also lending lots of flavour and sweetness to this dessert. What is an upside-down cake? Upside-down cakes are traditionally made with rings of canned pineapple and pink maraschino cherries to add a […]

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Fruit desserts, everything you can bake with summer's bounty featuring a blueberry rhubarb crisp on top and an apple cake on the bottom

Fruit desserts

When it comes to baked fruit desserts, there are many variations and most seem to revolve around the same theme: a fruit layer baked with a dough on top and/or on bottom. The dough can be a pie dough, a yeasted dough, a biscuit dough, or even cake batter. The naming varies by region or […]

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