Gifts for bakers and foodies

Are you looking to get a gift for the favourite baker in your life? Or maybe you have a friend who is a foodie with a sweet tooth. Here’s a rundown of some amazing gift ideas for bakers (and foodies) to get that favourite person in your life who loves to bake and eat as much as you do!

Please note that the photos of the products featured here were used with permission from the companies featured.

Gifts for bakers 2020 editions featuring caramels, cashew butter, and spices

Edible gifts

Sure, you could try to make edible gifts yourself at home to give out as gifts. I have recipes for sea salt caramels and grapefruit pâte de fruit, for example. But it’s also nice to leave it up to the pros and it can make our lives a whole lot easier when we order from small businesses who are dedicated to their craft. The holidays are hectic enough. Consider ordering from these small companies!

Fun and fancy nut butters

Logan Petit Lot is a small company that I fell in love with a few years ago at a local craft fair. They produce nut butters and spreads in Montreal, Quebec. The company discloses where the ingredients come from so you know transparency is important to them. Their latest line of products include a chocolate + sea salt peanut butter spread that I’m dying to try, since I tend to make my own version of Nutella without hazelnuts!

I have given out their delicious Cashew butter with toasted sesame and maple and Cashew butter with coffee and maple as gifts at Christmas for many years and they are always enjoyed and appreciated. The company ships across Canada and to other countries too, but please note that the price of shipping will vary based on the destination and the dimensions and weight of the box.

A jar of coffee maple cashew butter from Logan Petit Lot

Spices from around the world

Épices de Cru is another fantastic Montreal company that is known and loved across Canada. They are dedicated to sourcing the best from the spice world, across the planet, and they package their spices in cute little tins. In my experience, whenever I come across a recipe with a spice I’m not familiar with, I know that they will probably have it. And the beautiful thing about their products, again, is that they disclose the countries of origin of their spices. Actually the origin has an impact on the flavour of the product so, for example, they sell Ethiopian black cardamom, Chinese black cardamom, and Indian black cardamom, and each one has a distinctive flavour profile. On their website, you’ll find gift boxes and spice kits that would make great gifts. Shipping is free for orders over $45. Épices de Cru does ship internationally as well! 

Epices de cru_Trio-Dessert-spice cans stacked

Small-batch candies from Dinette Nationale

If you want to send out sweet treats as a gift, Dinette Nationale is a favourite of mine. They make all kinds of fun treats, such as pâte de fruits, caramels, nougats (which I got for my dad one year because he loves nougat), candies, preserves, syrups, and granola. They do ship across Canada with Canada Post, and for international orders, note that there may be duty or other fees. 

Salted caramels from Dinette Nationale

Fancy salts from La Pincée

La Pincée produces flavoured salt mixes that are great for finishing dishes but also for making gravlax. I always have a jar of La Pincée’s classic salt blend in my kitchen (Number 1 in their series of salts). It’s good on basically anything. I also love their Citronnée salt (Number 6 in the series), which I enjoyed on my garden tomatoes all summer long. You can’t go wrong with any of their salt blends. I’ve bought the spicy salt (Number 10) and the BBQ blend (Number 5) for my dad, but they all make great gifts. La Pincée ships across Canada, but they also take international orders.

Tomato on toast with fancy salt from La Pincée


Special equipment that every cook and baker could use in the kitchen

A lot of bakers already have the basics in their kitchen to get the job done. But sometimes, it’s nice to give them special items that are hand-crafted or a little pricier than what they’d usually spend on themselves. These gifts are truly special and will make great investments for the baker in your life who will no doubt love every one of these!

Thermoworks Thermapens and digital thermometers

If you’ve been following this website for a while, you’ve probably noticed I mention my pink Thermapen quite a bit. It’s a fast reading digital thermometer and I highly recommend it. It’s one of the tools I reach to almost every time I bake, whether I’m checking if a cake is done baking, or making homemade salted caramels. It’s useful for cooking too, like if you are roasting a piece of meat. I have the handheld Thermapen, but for a hands-free version, try the Chef Alarm!
ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4 Backlit

Nordic Ware bundt pans and bakeware

Nordic Ware is an American company that makes high quality bakeware. They are especially well known for their bundt pans, producing a wide range of styles that vary from classic to the intricate shapes. Right now, I only recommend the Nordic Ware bundt pans. The bundts you see on this site are all baked in the Nordic Ware Anniversary pan, which has a classic silhouette. I’ve worked with the Heritage pan as well. These pans are heavy duty and if you treat them right and use them correctly, your bundt cakes won’t stick to the pan! 
Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan - Gold

I also highly recommend the Nordic Ware cookie stamps, which are beautifully crafted with sturdy wood handles. I’ve used them for these stamped soft gingerbread cookies and these stamped chocolate cookies. You can buy the cookie stamps from Indigo or from Food52, and they would definitely make a lovely gift.

Nordic Ware Cookie Stamps (Set of 3) - Stars 

Cake stand

I think a lot of bakers might now have a cake stand to display their cakes to serve to guests. Most of us tend to just use a dinner plate, but a cake stand is a really special gift. Food52 offers gorgeous handcrafted cake stands from AHeirloom in both Walnut and Maple wood 

French rolling pin

Having tested out all kinds of rolling pins of a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, I still prefer French rolling pins made of wood. If there’s somebody in your life who likes to bake, a gorgeous handcrafted rolling pin will make a beautiful gift. This one from J.K. Adams has a little tie on the end because it is beautiful enough to display in your kitchen. Get it from Food52.

Farmhouse Pottery Hand Dipped French Rolling Pin 

For beautiful gifts for the home, as well as special cookware and bakeware, there are two stores that I recommend: Food52 (Shop Home Goods at Food52 )and in Canada, Indigo (Top Gifts of the Season from Indigo).

Special thank you to the small businesses that allowed me to use their photos so that I could feature their products in this article. Please consider shopping from these small companies who are dedicated to creating quality goods.

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