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Dare I say that I find it a little alarming that many of those who cut out gluten for “health reasons”, often don’t know what gluten is? We should probably save that sensitive topic of discussion for another time because people get really angry on the subject, and quite frankly, I’m just not in the mood for THAT debate. But what about all those cookbooks and baking books that refer to gluten in doughs? Cookbook authors and we recipe-developing-food-bloggers aren’t doing much better on the subject of gluten (myself included), specifically when we tell our readers to “avoid overworking the dough because too much gluten will develop” (or some variant on that phrase). Most of us have typed out or read that warning about gluten, but few of us can actually explain what that really means. With that in mind, I investigated the answer to the question “What is gluten?” in my latest Kitchen Geekery article on Food Bloggers of Canada. Check it out!

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