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If you are looking for a new desktop wallpaper to download, here’s a free digital download of a pretty desktop calendar that you can use for the month of October! There’s also a download for a smartphone wallpaper if you prefer. Keep reading to get your October 2018 desktop calendar or just scroll past all the text and download the file you want.

October 2018 desktop calendar image featuring burgundy wine poached pears on a wood cutting board with a serrated knife

Every fall, I find myself overwhelmed with work. The contrast between the winter months and autumn months is rather shocking. From January to April, things are quiet with a little work but nothing overwhelming. From September to December all the projects land in my kitchen AT THE SAME TIME! Yikes! So many recipes and so much food and testing to tackle in so little time. Such is the life of a freelancer, I suppose. I am already planning a trip to Mexico for March because if I don’t take the time off, I will regret it in the months that follow. I have learned that lesson. And I find that I am more productive  when I make the time to take regular vacations.

September reading list:

I read some pretty entertaining books in September, so I am feeling quite pleased! The Dorito Effect was educational and I highly recommend it. On the other hand, Chemistry: A Novel might not be for everybody. I found it highly relatable because it’s written by a chemistry PhD student at Harvard so there are a lot of insights into that world that may not appeal to everybody. When Life Gives You Lululemons is total fluff, but a fun read nonetheless and a welcome distraction from life and the news. And I finally took the time to read Gone Girl. I still hate Ben Affleck, so I probably won’t see the movie, but I am super happy I read the book.

  • The Dorito Effect: The Suprising New Truth About Food and Flavor by Mark Schatzker (buy it on Amazon): what I loved about this book was that the author included the history of the Dorito, flavour chemistry, and a hypothesis about why obesity is on the rise. Whether we can blame our ever-expanding waistlines on the rise of flavor is debatable, but I found the idea rather interesting. Also, this book made me want to bake more with artificial vanilla (the Milk Bar birthday cake calls specifically for it!) and this book gave insight into the science of flavour, so much so that I wish I could work as a flavour chemist because I find it so fascinating. Definitely give this book a try! It’s fascinating.
  • When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger (buy it on Amazon): as I said, this book is total fluff and we could all use a fun read these days. This book is by the same author as The Devil Wears Prada and there are overlaps in the stories of these two books.
  • Chemistry: A Novel by Weike Wang (buy it on Amazon): what I loved about Chemistry: A Novel was that the author really explores a lot of the feelings you have when you are working on a PhD thesis in Organic Chemistry. I think by the end of my PhD, I had something like 12 filled notebooks of chemistry reactions, of which maybe 1 book out of 12 had useful experiments. If you add up all the failed experiments that chemists work on throughout their careers, you can understand how we have horrifically depressing periods (especially in the early days) when we want to throw in the towel or set fire to the lab or even commit suicide because the pressure is too much. You have virtually no life, your friends can’t relate to what you are going through… the struggle is real. Working towards a PhD can feel extremely lonely and destructive and many don’t make it through for those reasons. This novel shows why it’s so hard and the pressures that come from operating at such a high level.
  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (buy it on Amazon): I adore when a book is told from two different point of views. The Last Mrs. Parrish is a perfect example of this, as is Gone Girl. In Gone Girl, a woman disappears and the world blames her husband. Half the book is told from the point of view of the husband who claims he is being wrongly accused and the second half is told from the point of view of the wife where we discover what really happen to her. It’s a twisted tale and a page-turner that you won’t want to put down.


If you are looking for a new desktop wallpaper image, I made this October 2018 desktop calendar (and Smartphone wallpaper) just for you! This digital download can be used as a free desktop background for your computer (or smartphone). Simply click the size of the image you need below and the image will open. Then download that image by right clicking on it to save it to your computer (or do what you’ve got to do to save it to your phone). Find the file in your folder of Downloads (or Photos) and right click on the image title to set the image as your wallpaper/desktop image. Note the file may have also been saved to your desktop depending on the settings of your computer.

October 2018 desktop calendar image featuring burgundy wine poached pears on a wood cutting board with a serrated knife

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Image source & recipe: wine poached pears (which you can turn into a beautiful pie or add to your salads to make them fancy)

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