Privacy policy

Kitchen Heals Soul (referred to as “we” or “us) understands that protecting your personal information is very important. This Privacy Policy explains which pieces of data we collect, why we collect data, and what we use to collect data on this website. If you have any questions, please contact Janice Lawandi ( This privacy policy was written on May 4th. 2018 and may be updated at any time. Please refer back to this page for any updates.

What data we collect

You may voluntarily submit information that we collect:

The data you submit in this case is “personal data”:

  • when you comment on the website, you provide your name, an email address, and a website (if you have one), of which only your name and website are displayed on the site to the public.
  • when you subscribe to the newsletter, you provide your first name and an email address, and you may opt-in to receive certain special editions of the newsletter. You may also opt-out or adjust your email preferences at any time using the link provided at the bottom of every single email. You can also contact to have your name and email address manually removed from the list at any time.
  • when you fill out the boxes of the contact form, you submit your name and email address.

Please note that you should never submit sensitive personal information to us. This includes your social security number, information regarding race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, health information, criminal background, or trade union memberships. If you elect to submit such information to us, it will be subject to this Privacy Policy.

Certain pieces of information are automatically collected when you visit the website:

We use Google Analytics to collect some data to give us a better picture of the visitors of this site. The data that may be collected is “log data” and includes:

  • your IP address
  • your operating system and browser
  • the date and time you visited
  • the referring websites that sent you here
  • the pages you viewed
  • links you may have clicked while visiting this website

Why we collect data:

The data that we may collect has the following purposes besides those you consented to (by subscribing to the mailing list for example):

  • to get a general idea of where in the world interested readers are
  • to better understand things like how many readers browse on mobile devices
  • to learn what time of day, day of week, or month readers are visiting the website
  • to understand the path readers take to get to this website
  • to see which pages and blog posts are most interesting to you, the readers so that we can create more content you want to read
  • to target your preferences and deliver advertisements that may suit your needs
  • to better communicate with you via email and answer your questions or concerns
  • to register you to the email list for this website so that you can receive emails of news, updates, promotions, and giveaways
  • to notify you, to update you, and to communicate with you about what has changed on the website

By visiting this website, you consent to understanding that we may collect, retain, disclose and use your data to better serve you in the future. We will not share your data with anyone except what is described in this Privacy Policy.

How we may collect your data

The following services are used to run this website and may collect your data

  • Google Analytics—consult Google Analytics Terms for more information:
  • Mailchimp—consult Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy for more information:
  • Facebook—consult Facebook’s Data Policy for more information:
  • Pinterest—consult Pinterest’s Privacy Policy for more information:
  • Mediavine—consult Mediavine’s Privacy Policy for more information:
  • Amazon Affiliates—consult the Amazon Affiliate Program Policies for more information:
  • MaxCDN—please consult the MaxCDN policy for information:
  • Bluehost—for further information, consult the Bluehost privacy policies:
  • Akismet
  • WP Recipe Maker
  • Really SimplySSL and Really SimplySSL add-ons

Where applicable, the third parties may serve content and advertisements, collect information directly from you, and place or recognize cookies on you browsers. These cookies may store your preferences, record user specific information on pages you visit, adjust the way ads or content is displayed according to your location and preferences.

Third-party use of personal information

We may share your information with third parties when you explicitly authorize us to share your information. This website may use third-party service providers to service various aspects of the Website. Each third-party service provider’s use of your personal information is dictated by their respective privacy policies.

Please note that we will never sell, distribute, or reveal your personal information or your email address without your consent. We may retain certain information as required by the law.


Display Ads

We may use third-party advertising companies to serve content and advertisements when you visit the Website, which may use cookies, as noted above.

Retargeting Ads

From time to time, the Website may engage in remarketing efforts with third-party companies, such as Google, Facebook, or Instagram, in order to market the Website. These companies use cookies to serve ads based on someone’s past visits to the Website.

Recipe plugin: WP Recipe Maker

Bootstrapped Ventures, the developer of WP Recipe Maker, does not have access to any of the data collected by the plugin. This is all stored in your local database and not communicated back to us. Take note of the following topics for your own privacy policy.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

  • Comments: When comment ratings are enabled we store the rating a user has given to a recipe along with the personal data WordPress core stores.
  • Cookies: When user ratings are enabled we store a WPRM_User_Voted_%recipe% cookie (with %recipe% the ID of the recipe) that contains the rating this user has given to a particular recipe. This cookie is used as (one of the) measures to prevent rating spam.
  • IP Address: When user ratings are enabled we store the IP address upon voting. This is used as (one of the) measures to prevent rating spam.
  • Their own manually input information: With the Recipe Submission feature personal data can be collected, depending on the fields that were added to the form. This can include the user email and name. When using the reCAPTCHA feature you will be agreeing to their terms of use and privacy policy.

How long we retain your data

Our cookies are stored for 30 days. User submitted data is stored indefinitely in the local database.

Really Simple SSL and Really Simple SSL add-ons

Really Simple SSL and Really Simple SSL add-ons do not process any personal identifiable information, so the GDPR does not apply to these plugins or usage of these plugins on your website. You can find our privacy policy here.


We collect information about visitors who comment on Sites that use our Akismet anti-spam service. The information we collect depends on how the User sets up Akismet for the Site, but typically includes the commenter’s IP address, user agent, referrer, and Site URL (along with other information directly provided by the commenter such as their name, username, email address, and the comment itself).

Affiliate Program Participation

The Website may engage in affiliate marketing, which is done by embedding tracking links into the Website. If you click on a link for an affiliate partnership, a cookie will be placed on your browser to track any sales for purposes of commissions.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and links to,,, and As part of this Amazon Associates program, the Website will post customized links, provided by Amazon, to track the referrals to their website. This program utilizes cookies to track visits for the purposes of assigning commission on these sales.

Contact Information

At any time, please contact us at for questions related to this Privacy Policy.